Sunday, September 1, 2013

My new favorite laundry soap

My new favorite laundry soap!
I have tried several of the homemade recipes and my laundry never really got as clean as I'd like. And my whites turned yellow! I gave up until I found this recipe. Not only does it smell amazing, my clothes are so clean!
The cost to make it came in under $25 and should last 1 year. {I will keep track of that} I strongly recommend that you shop for ingredients, at Walmart. I priced them at my grocery store and this would have cost over $5 more!

Very pretty new laundry soap!

Laundry soap

1- 4 lb 12oz box Borax
1-3lb 7oz box Washing Soda
1-3lb tub Oxyclean
2- 14.1 oz bars Zote or Naptha soap
1-4lb box baking soda
1-2 55 oz bottles of Crystals fabric softener (I used one)
Grate soap and add ingredients, in layers to help mix, into a large tub. {I reused a laundry soap tub from Sam's Club} Store in a cool dry place. Use 1-2 tablespoons per load.

the ingredients for the yummy smelling soap
UPDATE: This is the most amazing soap I have ever used! My hubby's stinky work clothes are no longer stinky! Until he wears them again, of course! I highly recommend it!

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