Friday, August 30, 2013

What $35 will buy you

In my previous post, I discussed receiving $35 in checks from the grocery store. This was our quarterly reward for using their credit card. Sweet! This is what clearance sales, e coupons, paper coupons and 5 free checks totaling $35 will buy you! I'm a very happy lady! (the soda was free with an e coupon and both Yakisoba bowls were free after doubling my coupons) I tend to add coupons to my store loyalty card, that I don't normally buy. In this case it paid off {literally} since I found 2 gluten free waffle packages on clearance and I had an ecoupon loaded. Normal value for both boxes was $4, I spent $1.49. I call that a success!

I also had coupons for the Pizza rolls, making 4 of the boxes only $0.59 each, normally priced $2.49! The potatoes were clearance priced at $1.49 and I had a $1 coupon...and so on...

So, in conclusion...I paid nothing for all of this! I really stretched out those rebate checks!!! :-)

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