Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Adventures in frugal Vegan cooking -meal prep

The trick I've learned, since becoming a full Vegan, is food prep. If there isn't anything readily available, you will waste money. It's not like there are a ton of vegan choices, in the fast food world, but you will stop somewhere and buy something!
Enter meal prep. I've already discussed how much I like beans for breakfast, fast and cheap, now to lunch and snacks.
I try to chop up the veggies, as soon as I get home. It's easier to grab a bowl of cut up veggies than to stop and peel and slice etc. I also like to have salads and cooked tofu at the ready.(teriyaki tofu not pictured...oops) Lunch prep is a breeze. I have a Bento Box, that I fill with pre-prepped foods, and then I am ready for work.
Pictured are: a pea-cucumber-celery-tomato-coconut bacon salad with pesto dressing, cucumbers and tomatoes in a vinaigrette dressing, mandarins and bananas. Enough ingredients for three days' worth of lunches.

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