Tuesday, November 9, 2010

canned pumpkin vs fresh

The critters got to my pumpkins this year. I was so bummed! Well, after Halloween, pumpkins were $1 each. {normally $2.99 to $5.99 each} I bought some and set out to prepare them for freezing. I haven't prepared fresh pumpkin before, so I was excited to get started.

I sliced them in half and removed the seeds and stringy parts. I roasted them, cut side down, in a 350 degree oven until soft.

After approx. 45 minutes, they were roasted and I set them out to cool.

I then scraped the pumpkin out of the shell, and pureed it. I put 2 cups of puree into each freezer bag. I saved 2 cups to bake with tomorrow.

While the oven was still warm, I roasted the seeds. Before placing on the cookie sheet, I tossed the seeds with olive oil.

So, I did half of the pumpkins today. I still have 4 more to do. Am I thrilled with this? Um, not really. I am always open to new experiences. Cooking from scratch, growing my own veggies and saving money are a small thrill for me. I must be honest, I did not enjoy this process. Is it a better bargain than canned? I'm not too sure, since the pumpkins were purchased. If they were from my garden, I might feel differently. I just think that this process is very time consuming and messy. I will process the other pumpkins tomorrow. Who knows? I may be happier about it in the morning. Maybe I'm just burned out today.

Either way, I have fresh pumpkin in the freezer and yummy seeds on the stove.

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