Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I give up...

I have tried to do the environmental thing. I also was trying to do the frugal thing.

I stopped using dryer sheets.

I've tried vinegar as a rinse agent. I've tried spraying liquid fabric softener on a rag, and throwing that into the dryer. We've also tried the new fabric softener crystals. {our washing machine doesn't mix liquid softener correctly and ends up staining our clothes. Darn high efficiency washer}

We have spent so many days with our clothes just clinging to us. Everything that you touch shocks you. We were literally electronically charged. Ouch.

I used part of my free coupon to buy a box of dryer sheets.

I'm not going back, to life without dryer sheets, but I promise to compost or re purpose them in any way I can find.


  1. I also tear my dryer sheets in half. I find that a half works just as well and not only does it reduce the number of sheets I used, but I get more bang for my buck!