Monday, March 5, 2012

You know that it's been awhile when...

You forget your blogs password! Ha ha

Well, I've been beyond busy with work and home life. I am sooooooo exhausted. My to do list get keeps growing. I need a nap.

The good news about being so busy, is that you don't have time to go shopping, thus keeping you on budget. The bad news is that you don't always have time to clip coupons, make a grocery list or plan a menu. Hubby has been great about making dinners, but he will just go to the store and spend $30 or so for one meal! yikes!

My temp job, that was to end on Dec. 31st, is still going strong. Unfortunately, I was just informed that if sales do not increase, I will be laid off. So, here's my dilemma. Am I happy or sad about this news? I'm not too sure. I miss being a stay at home mom and my chores are a bit behind. I also like having the extra money and a place to have grown up conversations. I do enjoy working hard and being part of a team. There comes a sense of happiness and satisfaction with both positions.

I have absolutely no influence on keeping or losing my job. I just can't decide how to feel about this news.

On an unrelated note, my heirloom veggie seeds just arrived. I have been saving yogurt and produce cups for seed starting. I'm off tomorrow. I think that I will start my planting. It's a beautiful sunny and 60 degree day today. It will be the same tomorrow. I know that snow is coming again, in a few days, but I still am enjoying my Spring fever!

Here's to you, Spring. I will be waiting for you!


  1. Thank you! I'm going to try to post at least once a week. Who knew working part time and running a family home wouldn't allow much blogging time? Ha ha